Work For Sale

Prague egg

15cm x 11cm

This Egg was made as a possible commercial venture featuring the main sights of Prague. The Charles Bridge, The martyr Yan Hus, Prague Castle and the famous sculpture of the Golem.

 The Philosopher

67cm H x 63cm W x 64cm D

A play on philosophical dialog with one’s self

Finger Suit

21 CM H X 22 CM L

Finger Suit has its influences in The story of the Golem, Hindu Gods and Super Hero costumes

The Scorpion and The Squid

28 cm x 18 cm

The Scorpion and The Squid, a play on sexual interaction

30 CM X 22 CM

The Man With The Croc is an incense burner, the top can be removed to insert the sent and the smoke exits the holes. The original work and one of a kind.