About the Artist

Born in Bermuda, my family moved to the Isle of Man shortly after and I grew up in the South of the Island. I became involved with ceramics and art at school then studied art IOM College, later furthering my education at Derby in the UK. I have been sculpting and traveling for over 17 years and currently reside in Prague in the Czech Republic.

My work is influenced by my surroundings, people and animals. I have a great interest in physical form and often the distortion of it. I try to create a frozen section of a story hopefully allowing the viewer to imagine the rest of the narrative.

I feel I create objects of beauty with tones of dark or macabre. The work often translates my mood at the time of construction. There is no solid plan when I begin work on a piece and it often undergoes many transformations before completion. I don’t use sketches and work the piece through in my imagination as well as with the clay itself.

I have great love for travel, nature and humanity, it’s my inspiration.

I have exhibited and sculpted in many countries around the world.